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Information on twelve step recovery, and bookstore for personal recovery from alcoholism,addiction, codependency, abusive relationships and trauma.
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This website is devoted to twelve step based recovery from alcoholism, and other addicitons.

Links, mental health resources and suggested readings for recovering from alcoholism and addictions.

However, I couldn`t get through this without the help of a Local rehab center for addiction treatment.

We do recover! Addiction is treatable; early intervention increases the odds of successful recovery.  

Go to pages about healing from addictions, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sexual abuse recovery, alcoholism, codependency, abusive relationships, chemical dependency and family and relationship issues.

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A note on this site's authorship: is written by a recovering alcoholic, and the information here is based on my own experiences in recovery and a great deal of reading and research into addiction and recovery. This site is based on the medical model of addiction as a treatable disease.

I went through a treatment program when I got sober, and I continue to practice a twelve step program. In my opinion both of these approaches to recovery have merit - they have worked for many people. Die hard 12 step members may find these pages too "medical" for their tastes, and some medical professionals may find them too "twelve-steppy."

So be it - this recovery site is intended to present resources, not as the last word in these matters. Please note that I am not a counselor, and cannot and will not offer personal advice or consutation.

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    Note on Authorship: this website was created by a recovering addict and survivor; I am not a chemical dependency therapist or mental health professional. Except as otherwise cited, opinions offered here are the result of my own life experience and a great deal of reading in the Recovery and Mental Health fields.  You may cite this site for academic reference, however in keeping with twelve step traditions regarding anonymity I request you identify the author as "Will H. - Webmaster" 

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    Medical Policy: This site is based on twelve step programs of recovery - the information here is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to supplant or replace consultation with qualified medical professionals.